What to expect


Complimentary Information Call

This is designed to introduce the Theta Healing® technique and get acquainted with me. This is over the phone. 


During the consultation I will:

  • describe the technique 
  • share with you what I do as a practitioner 
  • the science of how it works
  • answer questions
  • hear what your primary concerns are 


After the consultation, you can schedule your first session, if you desire

During your session I will: 

  • address your concerns
  • gather background information to your particular concern(s)
  • use muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to check for unconscious beliefs and feelings
  • we both witness the removal/change of beliefs and feelings that block your ability to create a life you've imagined 

During our session you can always expect to:

  • feel deeply listened to and accepted
  • feel compassion  
  • feel a completely non-judgmental and loving environment 
  • feel treated in a professional and respectful way with complete confidentiality