Why I do This


Hi, I'm Elisa. I was born in the City of Angels in California and raised in a small rural town in Mexico. However, the world is my home.


I've traveled throughout my life and feel very connected to every place, and everyone. 

I've experienced enough in my life to appreciate where I am now and I'm excited to share 

 with you what I have discovered. 

The Theta Healing®  meditation technique has supported my life in impactful ways and I continue to learn and grow.  

One day I decided to clear as many resentments and regrets that came to mind as I meditated. This is one of the exercises you learn to do. I connected to that soulful part of me and asked for all of it to be released. 

Within a month, I began to see things come into my life that I asked for the previous year.  

My income doubled, however, so did my working hours. But this was helpful because 

I learned the importance of clarity. On the next round, I focused on earning more 

and working less and that was empowering.  Clarity is my seed.

After using the technique for a few months, I  remember experiencing: 

  • more inner-peace as frustrated people circulated me throughout the day
  • clear boundaries with family and friends as I honored my needs/wants 
  • fewer reactions to someone's unfriendly comments and naturally my relationships changed
  • feeling more playful with my daughters and felt light-hearted again  
  • absolute clarity on what I wanted my life to look like
  • manifesting my heart's desires with ease and flow 
  • instant healings on my body because physical pain was not an option anymore

 I felt odd for a little while, but then it all sank in. 

This is me.  

And I'll continue to change and be me. 

Frankly, this was an exciting time for me. 

I was so excited about this technique that I shared it with pretty much anyone that was brave enough to listen to me. However, I (thankfully) understood that those who resonate will find it and those who don't will find something else and that's okay. 

This tool is one of many out there for your growth. 

As I moved along with this practice I discovered that Theta Healing® is part of my life's work. I resonate so much with it's philosophy that I decided to teach it to others. Check out the upcoming courses. 

Because all teaching is learning and all learning is teaching. 

Why Theta Healing®?


This technique involves letting go of self-limiting beliefs, just like old software programs from your computer, remove/cancel/change the limiting  programs in your subconscious mind and bring in empowering ones that help you take action to create something good for you. 

This shifted beliefs in me in one session, what years of positive affirmations and visualizations have not done.

It's highly effective.  

What's in it for you?


You bring into your life whatever your  heart is calling for, beautiful. 

You deserve a good life.

It would be an honor to accompany you on your journey.

Whatever that means to you. 

Remember, you have a purpose in this world, and life is so much easier when you let yourself be you.  


Get in touch with the real you and start seeing results pronto!