Your subconscious is a super computer loaded with a database of programs and beliefs that you've created throughout your life. Studies show that you use approximately 10% of your conscious mind. 

Now, what happens with the other 90%? 


 What happens when your subconscious mind runs more than 

90% of your life? 

Yay! or...trouble? 

Your reactions, behaviors, and patterns in life are based on those programs and beliefs. 

Now, let's not get started on the first 7 years of your life

That alone gives you a pretty good idea of where this is going. 

But there's good news! 

Don't hold your breath, it gets better.  

Let's talk about brainwaves.

Theta Brainwaves

Change your subconscious beliefs with a theta brainwave. And it's not magic per se, there's a science behind it.

  • Beta state, you work your magic to figure out what to make for dinner with what's left in the fridge
  • Alpha state, you're physically and mentally relaxed after a good run outside 
  • Theta state, is a deep meditative state and this is where changes take place in your subconscious 
  • Delta state, is  the good night state. 

All of these states of consciousness explain our day to day    activities. 

          But, how do you get into a theta brainwave state? 

You train your brain to hold that wave with a meditation technique. 

In the workshops I offer, I help you remember how to consciously hold this brainwave to bring healing into your life. 



The Theta Healing® technique  is a tool you use to access parts of your brain that are not easily accessible when you're in a problem-solving mode going about your day. 

This technique helps you get to the root cause of what blocks you from:

  • confidently creating your website
  • happily charging your friends for your services
  • easily dedicating an hour everyday to plan your next move

The root cause can be much deeper, or sometimes it's just:  

  • A simple comment your 5th grade teacher made that hurt your confidence 
  • Or when you totally choked in college as you gave a public speech 

On the later example, the embarrassment, the shame and guilt impacts your subconscious and based on that experience, you probably would freak out if I gave you a microphone right now. 

These experiences can shift quickly. It's amazing how much power your mind has to re-create a thought and change it to something empowering.

                                            It's the real deal. 

                              YOUR MIND HEALS YOU. 

               And by healing yourself, you heal the world. 

                              Double progress and a win for all.  

I offer certification courses, meaning, after taking the first foundation course, you're a certified practitioner and you can offer sessions to others, or just use the technique for yourself. 

                                                It's your choice. 

             One thing I know for sure is that you're a leader. 

                 You're here on this page for a  reason.

                                            You deserve a good life. 

                                                       Claim it!

                                        It's always been yours. 

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