If your daydream chases you as much as your kids do...

maybe it's time to stop and listen

 to find what blocks you from living your dream


Hi, I'm Elisa.

I'm here to help you. I believe in you when you're having a little trouble doing it yourself and support you to create what you want.


I'm a Theta Healing® Practitioner and Instructor. 

I help you identify WHY you're not focusing on your gifts to create something good for you

And you not only find out why, but you get rid of the block for good.

I remember standing in my kitchen, my body having a somatic reaction 

to someone's comment and I felt contradicted inside.

This was after a few sessions with a Theta Healing® practitioner years ago.  

Like, my body didn't get the memo: "hey, uhh... by the way, we're not doing that no'mo". 

My body responded to the comment, but my emotion was peaceful. My mind and heart calmly chatted with one another and my body was the third wheel.

Interesting, right? 

It didn't take long for that sit and become my regular approach to life. 

Yes, I'm still human and I continue to grow. 

And this is only a part of why I do this

 I  bounce back more quickly now, I understand my power  and 

have clarity on what I'm creating

 Theta Healing® helps you change subconscious beliefs that are no bueno for beliefs that empower you to make those changes you've been waiting for.  

Let me explain to you how it works here. 

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